Day 4: Vision

A better future awaits when you make better choices.

Today, the vision of where this is going was set, at least as for what I can see today. “Good, Great, Divine…. a structural view of life,” is the primary calling card for Good, Great, Divine (GGD). This is the website for the unpacking and discovery for those who want life to be different. Not just to be different, but different because there is a growing sense that life has more to offer than you are currently experiencing. Many think of this as the abundant life Jesus came to deliver, yet seemingly elusive. GGD is a place of discovery with a context that leads to Jesus and the abundant life offered. It is also a place of reality, as reality is a prerequisite for the transformative journey that lies ahead.

The booklet, GGD, is the signature piece. It is a structural view of the life you are currently living with biblical references. It is designed to foster questions for people to ponder and assess their position on this journey called life. It also leaves open the possibility that there is a different future awaiting those who simply choose differently. Not all choices are equal, and an understanding of this is essential. The website is a place to come and spend time exploring and challenging your mind regarding things that truly matter. The site will not be apologetic about the biblical point of view that is taken, and will leave readers to wrestle with that reality. Reality and the truths that come with it give people a chance to acquire a taste for them. Just know truth is the basis of authentic change and the basis of what is sustainable, even until the end of time.

Doors of opportunity are always open. Not seeing them simply denotes a lack of awareness and not being tuned to the figurative frequency on which they appear. The doors of kindness and truth, for example, are always open. No invitation is required. As you might say, you have a permanent invitation. Likiewise, consider that God is with us. Always with us! Just because we can’t see, feel, or hear Him is not evidence that He is not. Seeing different, like with hindsight, I can see evidence that God has provisioned me according to His plan. He has done so in your life as well. Scripture tells us, 1 Thessalonians 5:24, *”Faithful is he who calls, for he will bring it to pass.”* This is not an absent God. Outcomes, however, come about in His way and in His time. Be ready for that. Our submission in faith is the catlyst for opportunity. The outcome belongs to God. All we need do is simply say yes. Then hang on!GGD introduces Jesus as Lord and Savior. With that comes a structure from which we and God operate. Just know God does not operate out of a structure which He did not create. The structural realms, of God’s making, to be presented fall into reactive problem solving (Good), proactive creating (Great), and the spiritual (Divine). We each have to contend with and operate in as is appropriate. This gives context to the journey for which you are called.

God, all I ask is to help me get out of the way, so You can create the message You want to be delivered to your people. Lord, please give me perseverance, strength, and an experience of being with You as the Holy Spirit is carrying out your divine plan.

Editors Note: The vision presented here is what has become Port Grace. Nothing else has changed. Please visit and join others who are seeing life through the lens of grace.




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