Day 2: The Way

When you accept God’s grace, you are reconciled to Him, with the promise of eternity with Him.

Gravity is real. No one debates it or the effect it has on their lives. We all try to overcome it in some respect or another, but eventually, it wins. That is how I am feeling today. I can sense the world pulling me into its clutches and I am not in the mood to comply. Today, the world seems unattractive and its lure seems painful and pointless. I want to escape! But to where? I know there is another choice that is at hand, but it seems elusive. Is there really a place to escape? I am counting on it. It’s not an escape in the normal sense, where you just get away. This is different. The escape I am seeking requires me to go nowhere. I have it at my fingertips, and just need to acknowledge its presence and choose it over the other choices I have made. Is it as real, or even more real, than gravity? I believe so, since I have experienced it before. It is not a destination but a choice. Lord, grant me your peace and lift my mind above the circumstances of my perceived reality and help me see what is truly there. This I pray.

Cause and effect is perfect. It has been since the beginning of time. It is equally true today. We choose our actions, and the effect follows. It is perfect. God, the creator of all, made it so. Cause and effect is part of our lives and, just like gravity, we cannot escape it. However, we can use it to the advantage for which it was given. Unfortunately, the game of life has rules that we are to live and play by. How we choose to play has everything to do with the results we get. Cause and effect guarantees them.

I ask for much, so that I can attest to the game as it is to be played. Truth is, I have already been given everything I need to play and explain its workings. The game is decided by two fundamental choices: Grace, which leads to gratefulness and then to wisdom beyond the ages; or the choice of playing the justification-by-works game, which has no real end. With works, the score is always in question and the rules change as often as the players demand.

Given the above, the only real need is to know the game of grace. Figuring out how to navigate the justification-by-works game is a waste of time.

Grace is a gift from God. It is free for the taking and offered to anyone who chooses to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. At the moment you accept God’s grace, you are forever reconciled to God, your creator, with the promise of eternity with Him. No exceptions. The gift of grace is not just a promise of what is to come, but a new life that was not previously available. To the saint who says yes to God comes the gift and riches of heaven above, now! It

is not a promise of a life without strife or any form of suffering. In fact, it may be a promise that you will have the world of the unrighteous persecuting you at every opportunity. Yet this is the road that leads to freedom and peace. There is no other road that can take you there. This is the narrow road.




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