Day 1: Choices

Everyone has the choice to create a different future for themselves.

It has become clear to me that life is a series of choices. Not all choices are equal, however. In fact, the choices we make on the surface of life are somewhat predictable, based on previous choices made at a much greater depth. The result is a life that is subject to layers of governing structures that you now live with. For a person’s future to be decidedly different from the course that it is now on would necessitate a change in those underlying structures, and thus the opportunity to choose differently. So structures, those seen as well as unseen, are the greatest predictors of a person’s future behavior and, by default, the outcome they produce. Want a different future? Change at the structural level is required.

The good news is that everyone has a choice to create a future that is different. This falls under the category of simple but not necessarily easy. The most difficult part is the ability to see the current structures that are, at this moment, facilitating your current choices. There is a saying that you can’t see the structure you are in while you are in it. That is where fresh eyes can be instrumental in helping you see what you couldn’t otherwise see. Seeing differently is the basis of having real choice. Until you see with fresh eyes, real choice and the change that comes with it is an illusion. Perhaps a temporary reprieve is possible, but permanent change is not likely to happen without the willpower of a saint or a new structure to support it.

Needless to say, there is always a choice. This is the good news. The bad news is that there is a looming obstacle for many that is at the heart of their difficulty. The difficulty: truth. How can truth be bad? It is not, yet for many truth can loom like a cloud that never goes away. It is patient and is willing to wait to be noticed and acknowledged. The good news is that the truth will set you free. The bad news, and thus the obstacle for many, is that it may make you miserable in the process. Yes, truth can be painful. So much so that the underlying structures people have built their lives upon, and thus their identities, associate the pain of truth with death. Survival requires its avoidance. This is in spite of the fact that truth and its discovery are always at the root of the best choices. Regardless, it is routinely avoided with extreme prejudice. Entire lives are lived with advanced mental strategies created to avoid the truth. Unraveling this complexity is beyond what most even consider possible. Like being in a maze, the way out is hidden. Every turn in the maze simply leads to yet another. What if you could see the maze from an aerial view? Seeing the whole twisted thing and your location in it, the way out becomes obvious. Fortunately, there is an aerial view of life.

The aerial view of life begins with a clear understanding that there are but two options from which to choose that determine the nature of all future choices, and thus your future. This fundamental choice is at the apex of all choices and every choice that follows inherits its legacy. Option number one is to live a life of justification by works. This is the life that we attempt to create that seeks, by our own efforts, to have the world judge us as sufficient, relevant, and worthy. The results of even our best efforts on our best days is cast out into the world for approval. What comes back, even if carefully filtered, results in but a filtered reflection of the world’s response. Do this for a lifetime, and our identities take on the nature and perception of what the world deems as real. Given the temporal disposition of the world, you are a work in progress whose origin is from without. Translation: you are a product of the world. The other choice is to live with the fundamental choice of grace. Grace requires no justification on your part. Your relevance and worthiness is never in question. With grace, life is an inside job in which your identity is a reflection of the source of grace itself. While this leaves the world without a vote, you could not be more sufficient, relevant, and worthy in it. These two radically different structures lead a person in radically different directions.

There are but two fundamental choices in life, each determining the course of all future choices and the life that results. One leads to freedom from the world, while the other leads to bondage to it. What radical choice have you made? Just know you can always choose to change your mind and with it, your life.




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